Sears Credit Card

The Sears credit cards are offered through Citibank. There are no annual fees for the cards, and customers can choose from three different options.

Types of Sears Credit Cards

  • Sears Master Card The Sears Mastercard is accepted at any business that takes Master Card. Large purchases put on the Sears Master Card often qualify for no-interest financing. Customers can use this card to get double (non-promotional) Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) points whenever the credit card is used in a Sears store. When the Sears Mastercard is linked to the Shop Your Way Rewards account, the customer also qualifies for five percent back in points on qualified gas purchases, three percent on groceries, and one percent on other purchases for the first 12 months of a newly opened account. Of course, promotions may change.
  • Sears Credit Card This card is a store credit card for purchases at Sears and K-mart. The card can be used in the stores and online. This card offers the regular one percent back in the Shop Your Way Rewards Program and can be used to qualify for financing offers on select purchases. Applicants are usually offered a small credit on their first statement as an incentive for opening a new account. That first purchase needs to be made on the date the account is opened to qualify. These conditions are subject to change.
  • Sears Home Improvement Account Card Sears Home Service Division offers the Home Improvement Account credit card. This card is intended for use on large purchases like kitchen remodels, siding, heating, and air conditioning. The home improvement account card does not usually qualify for the no interest financing offers.

Benefits of Sears Credit Cards

Sears offers shoppers incentives to pay for their purchases with a Sears card. The featured offers from Sears change often, but Citibank determines the terms and conditions of the credit card.

  • No annual fee
  • 25 day grace period on new purchases
  • Incentives for opening a new account
  • Apply in stores
  • Apply online
  • Payments made in the store
  • Payments can be made at the Citibank website
  • No penalty for early payment

Shop Your Way Rewards

Shop Your Way is a customer loyalty program for Sears and K-mart shoppers. Recently, additional partners were added, and members can earn points shopping with those retailers also. This a free program. Customers usually earn 10 points for every dollar spent. Every 1000 points are worth one dollar and redeemable at Sears and K-mart. Shoppers receive additional points when purchasing with the Sears Mastercard.

Top 5 Routes for "Sears Credit Card"

  1. This is a direct link to the Citi Bank Website. The Sears card and the Sears Mastercard can be applied for directly on the site. When an application is approved, the Sears credit account can be managed directly on the Citibank site.
  2. This website reviews the Sears MaSter Card. The reader will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers from a representative of that site.
  3. This website article provides an in depth evaluation of the Sears credit card, including a detailed explanation of how the no interest financing works. Shop Your Way Reward Points are also mentioned. Nerdwallet shows information for other credit card options also.
  4. This short article describes the three types of Sears credit cards. The report also lists several of the sears financing offers for large purchases, such as discounts or free delivery on appliances. The article also notes the benefits of applying for sears credit with the discount offered on the first billing statement as an incentive for opening a new credit card account.
  5. This links to a PDF file. The Sears card disclosure statement is posted with current interest rates and financing terms.

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