McDonald's Coupons

Many people may be frustrated by the lack of promotional deals and coupons available by large fast food establishments. The good news is that McDonald's understands that many people are looking for ways to be more resourceful with their money and is now offering several coupon deals as an incentive to attract more customers to its restaurants. This is a win-win for both McDonald's since it attracts more customers and for the customers who get many money saving deals.

Some Considerations

People looking to be resourceful with cash should consider the following things when looking for coupons:

  • Skills and Experience There is no experience or special skills needed to use a coupon. The coupons can be accessed directly from a smartphone without having to print the coupon at home.
  • Location Coupon deals usually differ depending on the location. Each location has different cost saving deals. Not all coupons can be used in all locations.
  • Schedule of promotional offers People looking to save should consider that the amount of coupons offered also depends on how frequently a customer uses a coupon. It's usually the case that when a coupon is scanned it cannot be used again for at least 24 hours.

Benefits of using McDonalds coupons

Men and women looking to save money can experience many benefits by using coupons. Most of the coupons offered by McDonald's are for popular items that many people would buy anyway, so a customer can still get to eat what they want at a discounted price.

Popular Coupons for McDonald's

Some people believe that because they are inexperienced with using coupon codes that they will not be able to use them successfully. However, McDonald's has made using these coupons very easy by allowing customers to access coupons directly from a smartphone device without having to print them.

A few of the most popular coupon deals for McDonald's include:

  • Buy one, Get one Free Quarter Pounder or Egg McMuffin
  • Buy five, Get one Free – Any Size McCafe
  • Free medium fries with any large sandwich order

Top 5 Routes for "McDonald's Coupons"

  1. This is the official McDonald's website. It lists exclusive weekly and seasonal deals that can be accessed through the McDonald's app on a smartphone. Download and registration are required. The McDonald's coupons appear in the 'Deals' section of the app. Coupons do not need to be printed. They can be redeemed by showing the cashier the barcode number or by scanning the barcode directly from the smartphone.
  2. This website lists the latest offers, codes, and in-store coupons. It posts several money saving options. It sorts coupons through popularity, newest and ending soon. People can also submit new coupons and codes they find online. These codes are then displayed on the website. Clicking on a coupon code takes you directly to the retailer's website where all the promotional are displayed.
  3. This website allows for people looking for a coupon to access the latest promotional deals through links that connect to the McDonald's website. It shows how many times the link or coupon code has been accessed through the website. It also shows the latest user ratings for McDonald's as well as how many people have voted.
  4. This is a great website that gives advice on how to save money. It offers the opportunity to sign up to receive alerts when McDonald's has new offers. It also has a way to connect to the website through social media. It also shows how many times an offer has been used and if it's still valid.
  5. This is an informative website where the latest weekly deals are displayed. It offers instruction on how to use McDonald's coupons and has multiple links that link directly to the McDonald's promotional deals section.

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