Manufacturer Coupons

Coupons are an excellent way that consumers can save money on grocery and household bills. However, all coupons are not created equally. Manufacturer coupons are one of the best resources available to those who wish to enter the world of couponing.

What Are Manufacturer's Coupons?

These coupons are made available from the product creator. These coupons, unlike store coupons, may be used at any store that accepts them. Essentially, the manufacturer agrees to repay the store for accepting the coupon and giving customers the rebate.

Where to Find Coupons

Coupons can be found in multiple places, such as:

  • Sunday paper The Sunday paper is the most common place to find coupon inserts. There are three different companies that produce these: P&G, Red Plum, and Smart Source. Each week's paper will have varying coupon inserts, usually with P&G once a month and Red Plum and Smart Source several times per month.
  • Free paper Many couponers collect Sunday papers from friends or buy multiple papers to maximize their coupon use. Many free town papers identical inserts at zero cost.
  • Magazines Magazines often include a few high value coupons. However, these are much harder to come by than newspaper inserts.
  • Packages Check packages for 'stickies.' These are coupons that are located right on the package and can be used immediately. Coupons are also found inside specially marked boxes.
  • Online More and more commonly, people are using the Internet to gather valuable coupons website databases and even Facebook pages. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount of coupons that can be printed from one device at a time. Therefore, those who extreme coupon may have more luck with inserts.

Correct Coupon Usage

Using coupons is a legitimate way to save money. However, learning to use coupons correctly can be a task. It takes time to develop the nuances, but it's certainly time well spent. Using coupons correctly includes:

  • Reading the fine print It's important to read the fine print as it gives specific instructions.
  • Honoring expiration dates Always check expiration dates. Usually, once the date has expired, coupon bar codes no longer work properly.
  • Buying precisely what the coupon calls for Sometimes this is a broad spectrum of products and sometimes it's very specific.
  • Using one per item purchased For instance, if a customer wants to use 4 deodorant coupons, they must purchase 4 deodorants. Multiple identical coupons for one item is against the rules.

Top 5 Routes for "Manufacturer Coupons"

  1. This is a reputable, comprehensive coupon printing site. Coupons are available by
  2. A coupon printing site that is dedicated to those products which are found in Red Plum inserts. Although some of these may be the same as what is found in the Sunday paper, it isn't unusual for there to be different, high value coupons, as well.
  3. P& Proctor and Gamble only puts out a monthly Sunday insert with high value coupons inside. However, is their online printing site that also provides high value Proctor and Gamble coupons daily.
  4. This website is dedicated to not only providing printable coupons but also has tutorials on learning to coupon efficiently. It has a huge nationwide compilation of different deals that can be had in real time in different stores.
  5. The Coupon Project website is dedicated to sharing the nuances the of couponing from the standpoint of a novice couponer gaining experience, tips, and tricks, and how to get on top of serious couponing.

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